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Dead letters 5

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Dead Letters – Cindy


It’s been over a month since I last wrote into this journal.  I guess it’s because I have more stress at the moment, and need an outlet.  I’ve become the new leader of a band of five, and growing.  Tara and Chris have been around for a while, my niece and nephew of 8 and 7, respectively.  An elderly couple stumbled upon us last week, Dave and Susan.  I’m ashamed to admit I found myself surprised they survived this far.  Sometimes being slow and sure wins the race, says the tortoise to the hare.  Or was it the turtle?  Funny how certain memories fade away, and others refuse to fade.

After fleeing another subdivision due to a strange aggregation of the undead, I’ve decided to set up a temporary base in the center of a block of small stores.  I chose a handy fix-it store because I needed the red spray paint.  After having Dave and Susan keep watch, Tara and Chris ran to each door and spray painted a giant X, with the words ‘Cleared of Supplies’ beneath.  I even threw a rock into each window along the block, making it look like a group cleared the area in the past.  Being in the center of the block and the window busted, we would now be able to hear people approaching as well as have some extra time before they get to our central area.  It’s not paranoia if there really are cruel people out there.  I’ve ran into groups with ill intentions in the past, and this security measure has possibly saved my life on more than one occasion.  I even threw a few empty shelving units in front of the window to trip up any zombies that found our location.

I think the true survivors will be those who adapt, not just the strong or the fearless. A woman, two seniors, and two children have managed to survive longer than….. who knows?  95% of the world pre-apoc?  I’ve shielded the kids from as much of the dead corpses (both moving and still) as I could.  Dave and Susan are resigned to the sights, though Susan stills seems troubled by it.  Dave seems tough, but old and weathered.  I’m guessing a long term farmer, maybe.  Something independent, reserved.  

Oh, another reason I chose this location is to keep an eye out for any fuel stabilizers.  Fuel will go bad long before we run out of the fuel in underground gas station tanks, so fuel stabilizers can be added to fuel to extend its life another year or so.  My primary base (a farm house, really) has about 200 gallons of stabilized fuel in 5 or 10-gallons canisters, tightly sealed.  I think you could even add the stabilizer to old fuel to renew it but I’d never had to try it out just yet.  Don’t throw out the old stuff, though.  It still acts like an accelerant, burning bodies, setting traps, scaring wildlife and newly feral dogs and cats.  Yeah, I said cats.  Not many, but enough prowling by to raid your camps of food if left out, scaring the crap out of you with their green glowing eyes in the firelight.

The sun’s fading, and we’re not going to burn anything that produces light.  Too much of a dead giveaway.  Haha, pun intended.  I saw an electronics shop across the street.  I’ll see if they have a remote controlled car.  They make great distractions, especially if you tie some red ribbons to the rear fender.  Maybe they’ll have some crank powered devices.  They can always be used to recharge 12-volt car batteries if you’re patient enough.  I’ve started several cars this way… eventually.

If you’re reading this, we’ll be heading west, first to the mountains, then if that doesn’t pan out, to the ocean.  I figure they’ll be people there, maybe even a community.  Anything’s better than here.

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Eberlestock gunslinger 2

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     So for our 100th episode mike haller from survival bags inc. sent me a gift of a lifetime! A  Eberlestock gunslinger  2!! First off I wanna thank mike for this gift! He has known I've wanted one for a long time!! So I have to break it down for you guys because it's bad ass!!

     Inside the bag is a vast chasm of space. The well constructed fabric shell is supplemented with a water resistant inner layer to keep your gear dry even when you’re not. The opening is ringed on three sides by MOLLE webbing for various and sundry attachments, and the internal pockets are just the right size to hold some AR-15 standard capacity magazines. I’ve found that the bag will fit three 25-round shotgun boxes across the bottom just about perfectly, with room to spare for a 9mm box or two.

     The bag can be loaded from the front (as shown) thanks to some heavy duty zippers that do a great job of keeping rain and water out when closed, or from the top if you’re packing compressible items like clothing. That feature lets you use it as both a range pack and a travel pack, with more than enough room for a 3-day supply of ammo and gear plus clothing. Well, during the warmer months at least.

     The top rain cover has some internal storage space as well, featuring a pretty well laid out admin section. It has space for all kinds of notebooks and pens, and even two slots for a standard AR-15 magazine. It’s great if you need to carry some stuff for record keeping or just keeping organized, and I use it as a place to keep my wallet and cell phone while out and about. The pocket is more or less rainproof, meaning that I didn’t have to scramble for cover if the skies decided to open up.

     The bag also comes with a lumbar strap for carrying heavy loads across long distances and is removable. The bag also has some compression straps that fit around the bag, so if you’re carrying clothes you can keep the cross section of the bag as small as possible. The last nifty feature I want to touch on before the main event are the handles — they’re everywhere. No matter where you need to grab the bag, there’s a handle right there for you to pull and grab onto. So if you need to get your bag out of somewhere in a hurry (like a burning vehicle ) it’s easy to do no matter how the bag is oriented.

Now, for the feature presentation.

     The bag has an external compartment that is the exactly perfect size to slide a AR-15 in there. Or a Remington 700 with an enormous scope. Or whatever gun you want to pack. There’s an opening in the top of the pack and the gun slides down behind the rest of your hear, but with some nice padding between the gun and your back. There are two buckles to keep the gun in place or put a rain hood over the gun should you want to. It gives you the ability to carry a gun in a manner that distributes the weight on your body as if it were a normal internal frame backpack, but still gives you near instant access to your firearm should you need it. There’s a pocket on the bottom that folds up into the bag when not in use that extends the compartment to a length where the stock isn’t sticking very far out of the bag, and the center of gravity is just about on the center of your back.

     If you’re going to be backpacking far distances for your hunting trip, the ease and comfort with which you can carry a gun is something to consider. If I was going to go hiking through the woods to try and kill something I don’t think there’s any other way I’d want to carry my gun.

     At the end of the day, whether this bag fits your personal shooting or hunting style will determine if it’s the right pack for you. But for me, I love it. So go over to survivalbagsinc.com and pick one up! The price tag on the bag is $329 which might seem high but you get a killer bag!! And it will last a lifetime!! And as a bonus you get a free rain cover with it!!

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Blue Wasp Knives Utility Skinner

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Blue wasp knives utility skinner

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     Here at eVo we love to review products. It doesn't matter if it a 3 dollar light or a 400 dollar pack. So when Scott Haberman at Blue wasp knives sent us his utility skinner to check out. I was foaming at the mouth to see his work in person since what I've seen on his Facebook page looks incredible! As I unboxed the knife I was not disappointed at all. In fact I threw it right on my belt and went to the store that night!
     So let's dive into the maker of this knife. Scott started back in 2011 but has been making knives on and off since the mid 90s. His knives are Japanese inspired which makes really cool looks to his work. The steel he preferres to use on his knives is 1095 or 0-1 tool steel. The scales that are used are g10 or paracord. As most of you know I'm a huge fan of g10 scales. And just as important as the knife itself is the sheath. Kydex is used with a few options on style and such. 

     So now let's jump into the blade we got! This is made from 0-1 tool steel sporting the g10 black scales with coyote  spacers which looks amazing. It's sporting a 3 3/8 cutting edge at 5/32 thick and a overall length of 8 inches. A beautiful spear point blade that's super sharp! 5 really nice spaced out jimping grooves. A well placed forefinger cut section. The scales like I said are black g10 with coyote tan spacers. The patern of the cut groves are really nicely matched on both sides. Hex screws hold it all together. 

     Ok now it's time for the sheath. This is a coyote tan kydex sheath that is molded for this knife. The fit is really snug and sleek looking. His belt clips are made outta kydex by him also. We will jump more into this in the final thoughts.A certificate of authenticy is also given with each knife you buy. All the specs and date made are listed on it.

     Ok so what do I think about this knife package? It's a beautiful peice of work with tons of diffrent applications. I've been using it for over a week now and it's done everything I've asked. The size of it makes it perfect for a EDC or a camping knife. The steel used is a very robust steel that will hold up well. Scott's workmanship is top notch and worth every penny. I'm a big fan of the kydex for many reasons. One being it just looks cool! But the other the fit of a well done kydex sheath. I love to wear EDCs upside down on my side. I find this easier for my to acess the knife in a hurry if need be. So the fact that this knife locks into the sheath is a huge plus for me. Remember when I said Scott makes his own belt clips? Well he makes them in a style the allows you to wear it upside down! I really love this knife and it will last a lifetime. I use my gear and have been using this knife a lot since I got it. The price tag is $155 which is a great price for what you are getting. Next up is a YouTube video on this knife which I can't wait to do! So keep a eye out for that on our channel. Blue wasp knives is must check out! I see this company doing nothing but go up. I wanna thank Scott for letting us review his knife. You can find him on Facebook at Blue wasp knives or email at scotthaberman@ymail.com. You can also give him a call at 858-335-3321

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Dead letters 4

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            Tobias journal entry???

     They say not all who wonder are lost, but I'll be goddamned if I'm not just that. None of this is familiar to me, last town I ran across was a small town about, hell...5..6 days ago probably more. It's hard to keep track of anything any more with the dangers lurking in every shadow.
It all happened so fast, the attacks came like a tidal wave crashing into the beach washing away all but a few traces of humanity. I barely got out...

     I was lucky enough to run into my best friend of 6 yrs. Jared is a well built guy with an anti establishment attitude towards everything. His red hair kept short with his tattoo on the side of his head slowly peaking through his receding hairline. Although through it all he is the only one I trust my life with. 

     We have been traveling northeast after we set up our first camp up in the mountains. We took a few days to assess, take stock, and plan our next move. We've tried our hand at hunting, but to no avail. Most the animals in this area are long gone since the outbreak. Sticking close to rivers and only going into town in the daytime to give us the advantages over the biters is the only reason we've made it this far. With a bit of luck and barely any ammo we are starting to be concerned about our own safety.
     We mainly save the guns for a loud exit if stealth does not play to our favor and the numbers tilt in the direction of those walking stench pots. Making our way to a national guard post to hopefully find more ammo and better weapons, these compound bows we found are all but busted. Wish us luck... Oh yeah almost forgot, they call me Tobias.

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Head for the hills bug out bag from survival bags inc.

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Dead Letters 3

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            Logan journal entry???       
         Why do I continue to write in this? Maybe something to do or to keep my sanity? Either way I'm Going to do it at least one more night. Found some old newspapers today from when it all started, funny to see how people didn't think much of it or think it was serious. Well anyway I took those old papers and made a fire for tonight. The weather is starting to change and I can't really tell anymore what month it is right now. But I know I need to find warmer cloths or I'll freeze to death. Last contact with others has been two weeks ago and it wasn't much more then a hi and trade of supplies. His name was Mac. Really odd guy for the simple fact he never made eye contact. But I'm getting lonely and need to interact with someone, anyone. It's funny the colder weather seems to be calming the dead down. I don't hear as many moans or see them in the hoards I saw a few weeks ago. Hopefully this pond I've been catching fish and getting water from doesn't freeze over or I'll have to try ice fishing for the first time.   

      Tomorrow I plan on trying to get this old ATV I found running, would sure make scavenging a hell of a lot easier. But the noise could bring in the dead or the assholes that tried to rob me last time. Well one has a limp now since I put a arrow in his calf. Lucky I didn't have a clear shot or his ass would be dead. You seem to come across more assholes then guys like Mac. I tracked some herds of deer this morning but could not get in range of a kill shot so I'll try again in the morning. Did manage to catch 2 panfish and a frog that will be dinner tonight. Funny I never thought about eating frog but damn it's tasty! Boiled up some pine needle tea. It seems to help me sleep on these colder nights. Well off to bed for now and maybe I'll continue this tomorrow night I'm not sure anymore.