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Triple J Knife Works

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    Triple J Knife works sent eVo one of many of there sickest blades to check out. Opening up the package I was already excited to hold this knife cause the pictures I have seen were just amazing! Boy was pictures nothing to holding the real thing! The workmanship, design and the knife overall was mind blowing to say the least. 

     First off let's get into the company itself. Joshua Fightmaster himself sent a nice back story that is pretty amazing so I'm gonna share that with you before I give my thoughts on the knife. 

     So a little history first. I Joshua Fightmaster have been a knife nut ever since I was 10. Thats when I received my first knife. A pen knife from my grandfather. Around age 13 I asked my father to sharpen some of my knives for me. I can remember him handing me an oil stone and honing oil and telling me to do it myself. I spent many hours many days learning to use that stone until I could get it right. I eventually got so good that dad would hand me his knives to sharpen. Fast forward 2009 it had been the roughest year of my life. So when 2010 came around I was determined that it was going to be better. It wasn't I lost my Mom to cancer and my job to depression from her passing. I had to do something to make some money. So I looked into it and no one in Lexington KY was sharpening knives. It was something I was good at and enjoyed. So naturally I started up ScarySharpKnives.com I found a local bussiness (J&H Lanmark Outdoor Store) that would allow my customers to drop off there knives to be sharpend. That eventually grew into sharpening, restoring, and modifying knives. A few years went by and September of 2013 whilst cleaning out a garage for a few bucks for my best friends brother. I made the comment to Jeremy that we should turn the garage into a shop. Jeremy asked me what kind of a shop and I explained how I had always wanted to make my own knives. Jeremy thought that was a great idea and told me to make a list of the equipment that would be needed. I laughed it off thinking there was no way he would buy all that equipment. But my best friend James (Jeremy's brother) suggested I make the list because Jeremy would buy it. So I did just that and Jeremy bought the equipment. Thus Triple J Knife Works was born. Consisting of Me Joshua Fightmaster (Lead Designer / Head Maker), and the brothers Jeremy (Finances and business promotion) and James Reed (Apprentice). Since start up another has joined our ranks a 20yr blacksmith by the name of Jay Kerr. I use stock removal to make my knives but Jay is also teaching us Bladesmithing. As it currently stands we are only making fixed blades. However at the end of August we will be adding 2 Vertical Milling machines that will allow us to make any kind of knife including folders. We will work with any materials you would like. We do everything in house metal comes in and doesn't leave until it's a functioning knife. We have the ability to heat treat any steel. I have been very fortunate to be given this opportunity and enjoy what I do. I see improvement every day.

     Both Jay and I have all four signatures on our Knifemakers Guild application. Not just anyone can get in. Four signatures are required by voting members to even be able to get a chance to join. The only way you can get those signatures is to present 4 knives to voting members for inspection at which time they judge whether or not your work is worthy of their signature. I am proud to say that I have knifemaking legend Gil Hiben's signature on my application as well as his close friend and former student Mike Carter, also Cliff Findlay, and Douglas Stice. We hope that next year we will be able to present at the Knifemakers Guild show and become members of the guild.  

      The knife that was sent to you was our Medium Tactical Blade. It is made of 3/16" thick O1 Tool steel and has a Rockwell hardness of between 61-63. It has G10 handles and a two-tone Dark Acid Stonewash, with blued flats. Being a high carbon steel it does require a little maintenance just make sure to keep a light coat of oil on the entire knife. Other than that it should last a lifetime and then some. 

      So wow what a story and to have those signatures is pretty axing in my mind! So I've worn this knife for some time now and I have to say it's one of my favorite EDC knifes! It sits nice on your side and I've said before I like to carry a knife upside down if possible for quicker access. 
And the kydex sheath makes that possible with a nice tight fit. And the Tech Lock belt clip works beautifully for this. Also it's adjustable for different belt sizes. The shape of the sheath is very compact and with a drain hole so water will not trap. The thumb push off is a real nice touch to get the tool out quick! 

     Holding the knife in your hand it's balanced perfectly. The G10 scales and length are just right. The addition of a lanyard hole makes it a great option for securing. The design of the handle is very user friendly.  The blade design is real nice and unique. The grind work gives it a great sexy appeal. The TJK logo is well stamped and looks really sweet! The edge on this knife is EXTREMELY sharp!! And my god the polished edge looks hot!! The Two time dark acid wash give it a rugged used look, which I'm in love with! 

      Guys I can go on and on about this knife. Do yourself all a favor and go check out there work at www.triplejknives.com or their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/TripleJKnifeWorks?_rdr. I'm really happy with what these guys are doing and I see a bright future ahead for these guys. We are doing a YouTube video on this blade real soon so keep a eye out for that on our YouTube channel EOTApodcast. I wanna thank Joshua Fightmaster for sending this blade for us to review. Lots more will becoming of this knife in the future! 

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Overcomer Knives Roman Samurai Slayer!

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Go Pro hero 3 gun mount test run!

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Eberlestock gunslinger 2 from survivalbagsinc.com

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Blue Wasp Knives Utility Skinner

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Overcomer knives Roman samurai slayer

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     John Mumfrey from Overcomer knives sent us a sweet and very interesting knife to check out! The Roman samurai slayer! After talking to john I realized real quick that his knives have one purpose! His first words to me were, I make knives in the image of righteous. I make them to Overcome the devil. Instantly I was like wow! So fast forward a week and I get this tool in the mail and I was amazed by this knife! All the knives from overcomer are handmade by john himself! So let's dive into a little about the john and the company!

     Because of sin man is separated from God, nor can he please God. Man is self centered, self seeking and only cares about how he can please himself. He is good for nothing, not fit for the Master’s use. When a man comes to realize his lost, sinful condition, confesses his sin and places his full trust in Jesus Christ as Lord he is born spiritually into the family of God. At the beginning of this new birth man will be called a Christian and becomes, at this point in his life, an overcomer. Trials and adversity will come into a Christian’s life, but because Jesus Christ is now living inside of him he will have the ability to overcome. Until a bar stock piece of steel is shaped, heat treated and formed into its Master’s image it will not overcome. Once this steel is made into a knife it becomes an overcomer. It will overcome trials and adversity in the hands of its Master. WHY CHOOSE AN OVERCOMER KNIFE? Jesus Christ is put at the forefront of Overcomer Knives. A samurai sword is highly esteemed by many in this world. It is a religious experience for the sword maker, when making a samurai sword. The sword maker prays to a false god until the completion of the sword. Here at Overcomer Knives, I pray to the true living God, the Lord Jesus Christ, until the completion of a knife. I am self taught and have done extensive research on what type of steel is the best to use. All of my knives are made of air quenched steel, A2, CPM 3V and CPM 4V. All heat treating and tempering is done in my shop with a digital kiln. No two knives are exactly alike. I make my knives as the Spirit of the Lord leads me. The Scandinavian people are true outdoorsmen. This is seen in many of their knife grinds and designs. All of my knives come with a Scandinavian type grind. This is my favorite grind and is ideal for sharpening. I also add an additional edge on top of the Scandinavian grind for added strength. All of my knife designs are original and unique. I make my knives with the Spirit of the Lord leading me. Take a close look at my Roman Samurai Slayer. The Lord gave me this design from an ancient concept of catching an opponent’s blade. This knife can save your life from a Samurai sword attack in a last ditch effort. I test each knife personally with a real Samurai sword to make sure the knife can catch and deter it. All of my knives are guaranteed for life or until the return of Christ, whatever comes first, and against defects in workmanship or materials. A Born Again Christian overcomes through the blood of Jesus Christ. I will build a knife for you that will help you overcome anything the enemy can dish out.

About The Maker

John was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from De La Salle High School. After high school he joined the Louisiana Air National Guard as a Security Specialist in the 159th WSSF. He later attended Nichols State University in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. After college John worked in the family restaurant business. He later left the business to pursue a career in law enforcement. John served on the New Orleans Police Department and was stationed in the 5th district, which held one of the highest crime ratings in the U.S. at the time. John served as a patrolman and in a specialized mountain bike unit while on N.O.P.D.. He later left N.O.P.D. and went to work for Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. John served as a patrolman on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish in the third district, the highest crime area in Jefferson at the time. He transferred to the Traffic Division where he rode the motorcycles and enforced traffic laws throughout Jefferson Parish. In June 2005 John prayed about going to a church revival in Charlotte, NC. The only answer John received from the Lord was “Go up there, I’ve got something for you." John was perplexed by this answer, but was obedient to the Lord. He and his wife went up to the church revival in July 2005. John met all kinds of wonderful Christian people at the revival and was moved by how the Spirit of the Lord was moving there. He and his wife went back home to Louisiana and six weeks later Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. John could not evacuate due to his responsibilities as a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy. He was determined to check on his house in Arabi and started swimming to it through the lower 9th Ward. Rescuers in a boat saw John swimming and gave him a ride to his home, which was 14 ft. underwater. John was carrying an Emerson Commander knife, a Spyderco Shabaria, and a Swiss Army knife while swimming in the disaster area. John said “A good fixed blade knife would have been a man’s best friend at a time like this, but I had to make my folders do." Later the pastor John had met at the church revival contacted him and invited him to come to North Carolina to stay with him and his family. John knew this was what the Lord had meant when He told him that He had something for him. When Jefferson Parish was once again functioning after the hurricane John resigned from J.P.S.O. and moved up to North Carolina with his wife, Diane. The church reached out to them and helped them to get established and back on their feet. John took a break from law enforcement and went into security. Later he joined NC Traditional Archers and shot a custom long bow made by a friend/bowyer Bill Stroupe, owner of Cold Mountain Long Bows. Bill inspired John to make knives and showed him how to put his first handle on a knife. Later, John went to work part time for a well known Gun Smith who taught him how to work, shape, and refinish metal. John started out making knife kits but got the desire to make knives when the person looking at one of the kit knives asked him if he made the blade. John always had a love for knives, firearms, and primitive weapons. He loves the outdoors, wilderness survival, fishing, hunting and making knives. John stated "I have had a hidden talent God brought out in me and I want to bless my customer with a handmade knife that will stand the test of time, and overcome any situation the enemy can dish out." John still serves the Lord today and witnesses to the lost. He attends church regularly in North Carolina. 

     Ok so let's jump into this blade he sent us! First off it's length is amazing! Just under 14 inches!! With beautiful file work on the blade. And a ghost camo all along it as well. The scales are made from kirinite with brass pins. Which stands out! Ours is green color which I have to say looks real sick!! The blade and pomel have holes for attaching it to a stick to make as a spear. Back to the design of this knife. It's made as a self defense tool as well as a offensive weapon. The cut in the blade will block a attack from another knife or sword! And yes it can open a bottle!! The logo is really well stamped into the blade. This is a thick blade. Almost a 1/4 inch. Also in the pomel is a point that would be great to break glass or defend yourself. The edge is super sharp right outta the package. It sports a kydex custom sheath with a blade tech belt clip which I have to say I'm a huge fan of! The knife fits perfectly into the sheath tight with no play so it can be worn or carried in many positions. 

     To sum this knife up it's insane! And in a great way! A must have for a survivalist or even a collector! The workmanship is top notch and john is a great guy. There is nothing this knife can not do or stand up too. Do yourself a favor and go check them out at www.overcomerknives.com
Also give them some love on Facebook! 
Look for a upcoming YouTube video on our channel EOTApodcast. This will be fun!

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Set of 2 Gamma Seal® Lids (Black) & 2 Leaktite 5 Gallon Buckets (White)

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The Gamma Seal Lid


Survivalbagsinc.com has sent us something cool! Food storage gamma lid buckets! 5-gallon buckets are a common storage device around the garage or storage shed.  I use mine for gardening and for storing bird seed throughout the year.  Regardless of its use, the functions of the lids are both to prevent water/moisture from entering as well as to create an airtight seal, thereby preventing its contents from degrading.

In my personal experience, I have two issues with the standard 5-gallon bucket lids.  The first is that the standard lid is merely a thin flat sheet of plastic along the center radius of the lid.  It deforms over time when you stack multiple buckets, and on numerous occasions I’ve had to buy new lids due to cracking.  The second issue is the frustration and sore fingertips I get when prying the lid open (it has 6 peel away flaps along the outer edge), and the corresponding hammering it closed with a rubber mallet to get the lid on tight.  All this creates a continual plastic fatigue and deformities, as well as slowly wearing out the soft rubber seal along the rim which creates the airtight/watertight seal.

The solution?  The Gamma Seal Lid.  It’s a two-piece lid that becomes easy to repeatedly open without the stress on the lid, and still be both airtight and watertight.  The outer seal has the same soft rubber ring seal, but now only needs to be sealed one time.  The inner lid screws to the outer sealed lid just like a bolt screws into a nut.  However, the inner lid also has a soft rubber sealing ring to make it secure.

What I like about the Gamma Seal Lid is that both pieces are made in a three dimensional pattern that gives strength and rigidity to the product.  The underside of the lid has the Gamma  pattern for strength and finger grip, but also has 36 ‘squares’ that produces a lid half again as thick as the original, but much more durability.

If you plan on burying this bucket as a cache for emergency supplies, the Gamma Seal Lid will resist the months and years of weight the soil will produce.  As a shed storage bucket, this will save many bruised fingertips and swearing trying to pry the lid off with a screwdriver or knife tip. So pick up a couple from survivalbagsinc.com for $28.75! It's a steal!!