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Episode 135

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Heavy Cover Inc. Titanium Mess Kit

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     When thinking about survival either in a backpacking scenario or bug out bag a good mess kit or canteen set up is key. Now we all know you can pick up a cheap canteen with a cup on eBay or Amazon for around 25-30 bucks and while it will do it's job it can get heavy. That's where Heavy Cover Inc. comes in with their titanium mess kit. This is a USGI style kit. But before we go any further let's take a quick look at the company. It's a USMC veteran owned company that sells a ton of diffrent gear. Ok, now let's jump into the specs of the kit.


 Benefits of Titanium Cookware:

  • Biocompatible (BPA Free, Nontoxic to the human body) 
  • Non-porous, non-stick material for easy clean up 
  • Rapid heat conductor, less gas/fuel and faster boil time. 
  • Canteen won't puncture or rip like plastic water bladders. 
  • As strong as steel but 45% lighter. 
  • Anti-corrosive and will not rust.

 Product Specifications:

  • Titanium Canteen/Tritan Cap Capacity= 1.1 Liter (37 ounces)
  • Titanium Canteen Cup Capacity= 23.7 ounces (700 mm)

Product Weight:

  • Titanium Canteen/Tritan Cap= 6.041 ounces (172 grams)
  • Titanium Canteen Cup/Titanium Canteen Cup Lid= 4.8 ounces (132 grams)

Material Thickness:

  • .5 mm Titanium


     Now after comparing the standard GI Kit to the Heavy Cover it's clearly lighter and stronger. Which is huge since with any item you carry, any ounces you can shave off is key. Also with the plastic you can still get toxins from the plastic even if it's BPA free. One awesome thing is you have two ways to boil water in it, not just one with the standard GI kit. The non-corrosive and porous element makes it real sweet for easy clean up. 

     So when building a kit or adding to a existing kit think about weight and long term. The Heavy Cover mess kit is amazing and any backpacker or survivalist will tell you that every oz. you shave is like gold. Now while this kit is pricey the benefits outweigh the price. As an avid outdoorsman and survival guy, I love to see new products change people's opinions. That's what Heavy Cover Inc. has done with this kit. The strength and durability is amazing! The fact that's it's 45% lighter then steel is huge! So when you are building a kit or upgrading an old one check out this kit for the build. Trust me it's worth every penny. Check out the upcoming YouTube video on the kit soon!!!

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Survivor Filter

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     When it comes to survival nothing is more important then water! Clean, safe water is a must no matter if it's a survival scenario or just a backpack trip. We all know the rule of three. So 3 days without water is very dangerous and I've tried a crap load of water filter in the past with really good results. But one has stood out that I recently came across and it's from Survivor Filter. This is not your typical water filter that just does the job but you still have that smell or taste that is a bit off. Before we jump into the guts of the filter let's lay out the man behind the filter.

     Survivor Filter was created following my former career consulting on military operations where I worked with US and other allied military and diplomatic personnel on and in troubled hot zones including Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and Somalia.

     By these experiences, I came to understand that access to clean water is no longer something we humans can take for granted, especially as water is slowly becoming the most precious commodity on the planet, even more than oil.  This is why Survivor Filter was created to provide every person in North America with access to clean, drinkable water in any environment.

     At Survivor Filter, we're here to serve our customers, providing them with an unbeatable warranty and a range of products at an unbeatable price. We want every person in North America to use our products whether they are camping, hiking, backpacking or just staying prepared. What’s more, we make sure you are satisfied by providing you with products that have best level of filtration available at a reasonable price, an unbeatable warranty and a no hassle 30 Day money back guarantee. We love hearing from our customers, especially about their travels and adventures with our products. This is why I encourage you to engage with us through our Blogs and Social Media!   

     Now let's look at the filter itself:


  • Triple Filtration to 0.05 microns, thanks to UF Filtration, Carbon Filtration and mesh - 4 times more efficient than the competition at 0.2 microns.
  • Dual Filters (Ultra and Carbon) are removable and can be cleaned or replaced by purchasing on Amazon as needed. Plus, comes with 4 extra mesh filters!
  • BPA Free and Weighs only 3.5 ounces. Fits just about anywhere (7 inches long X 1 inch wide) and Comes with detailed instructions and How to Use Manual.
  • Can be used directly from fresh water source, OR firmly attached to a soda bottle, making the Survivor Filter the Most Versatile Personal Water Filter Straw Available.
  • Other personal water filters are difficult to drink from, the Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter has a Special Mouthpiece, an integrated Cap to keep the mouthpiece clean and produces a SUPER FAST FLOW RATE of 200 ml. (7 ounces) per minute. 

    Now I took this filter out to a local pond that I've used similar filters on before so I know how it will compare to the other filters. First off this thing is super compact much like the McNett we reviewed. So that is a huge plus as it will fit into virtually any pack. The flow rate was a big plus mainly because some I've had to really draw to get the water flowing so the flow rate is real good. The soda cap style attachment makes it convenient in case you wanna fill a larger supply up for day longer trip or a large family. With the triple filtration the taste was huge!!! Some filters still leave you with that musky taste or smell. Not with this one. Great taste with no smell. I take that is the triple filtration system. The mouth piece has a slip off cap that is held on by a rubber keeper which is great so you won't have to worry about losing it.

     One thing I really hate is when you get something and can't replace parts. The survivor filter is totally rebuildable with parts on Amazon or their store. So with all that said for around 30 bucks this is a top of the line filter that can be thrown into any backpack or bug out bag. It has multiple uses and works like a dream! Great taste, gets it down to 0.05 microns which takes out things like pesticides. It will keep you hydrated and more importantly alive!!! We will have a YouTube video up on our channel here shortly to show you hands on testing. 

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Brute Force Bladeworks!

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Brute Force Bladeworks Tanto

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     One thing about custom knives is they all have their own style from the maker and when I came across Casey from Brute Force Bladeworks I was like now that's a cool design. So now that I was intrigued in his work I asked him about doing a review and well here we are. I want to thank Casey for sending the knife to test out. Let's check out the maker and his bio before we go any further.

Bio: Casey Ogg

      I became interested in knifemaking about the age of 13. I built my first "forge" in the sand in my backyard using a galvanized bucket and a blow dryer. Beginning with no previous knowledge about steel type and heat treating, most of my knives did not turn out too well. 

     By the age of 15 I had my own 6'x10' shed with a dirt floor and no door. I built my first charcoal forge out of a galvanized tub and some bricks I had in my back yard. This worked well enough for the task at hand, but soon enough I learned that a properly made coal forge would heat steel up much faster and was cleaner to use. My junior year in highschool I built a coal forge out of an old rusty 1/4" thick sheet of steel and a brake rotor. This thing was the bomb! I still use it to this day to heat treat my knives. I started to research more into knifemaking and soon realized that mild steel was not a sufficient blade steel. I began using files I got from my boss who owned a local ranch and the cutting capability was far superior than my previous mild steel blades. Youtube and bladeforums became my best friends . I researched a lot about knifemaking and took in as much as I could.

     At 17 I started to order my blade steel from Admiral Steel and began a journey in which I could not turn back from. A fire started inside of me in and it has grown, and will continue to grow. This knifemaking thing was a great hobby and it became very interesting, very fast. I locally sold my knives to family friends and got great feedback. 

     During the summer of 2014 I scrounged up enough money to buy a 12'x24' building and turned it into my own personal workshop. This gave me plenty of room to work and allowed me to be able to work in all weather conditions. I am currently in college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX working to get my master degree in mechanical engineering, and I travel back home every weekend to make knives.

    The knife is 8.5 inches long and just over 3/16 inches thick with a acid stone wash finish. Red micarta with blue g10 liners. 1095 is the steel Casey uses and it is super stong and durable. The blade is extremely sharp right out of the box and the file work on the top of the blade is very impressive and adds that real nice custom look. The kydex sheath is very top quality and fits the knife great! He did a red/blue mix to match the liners. I'll say it again retention is importatant to me and it's great with this setup. It will fit a tek-lok belt clip which I added. The knife rides really well on your hip in many configurations. 

     So after carrying this knife and using it for the past couple weeks this knife is incredible. It's a sexy sleek knife that will do everything you need in a knife. Casey is doing great things and will only get better! There is nothing bad to say about this knife. It's top quality and very well built. No one will buy this knife and be mad about the coin they spent. From the knife to the sheath it's all top quality. Go check out Casey and tell him we sent you. There is a video on our YouTube channel that will show a first look of the knife. Go check out Casey at www.bruteforcebladeworks.com and tell him we sent you. 


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Be smart, Key Smart

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     The title says it all! The folks over at Key Smart sent us one to check out. So have you ever had your keys and been like these are annoying and bulky? How bout wanted to go running or hunting and thought your keys are to loud or don't fit in a small pocket? Well the key smart fixes all of that. I received one in the mail and started to put it together and it's so simple yet so smart. 

     The package includes the two bars and spacers for the key spacing and setup of the keys you use. Also is a lanyard style keeper for a keyless entry pad or any other item you wanna attatch to the end. Once put together you have a simple yet very awesome product that is sleek and fits into any small pocket. I've been using mine since I got it and it's great! My keys are more organized and most of all together in a way that is easy to locate which key you are looking for. A flashdrive can also be put onto one which is cool for transport of media. I've lost flashdrives by just throwing them into a bag or my pocket. So lose those stupid key rings and pick up Key Smart! These can be found at getkeysmart.com for $19.98 and other accesories can be purchased there as well. Go give them some love and tell them we sent you. A YouTube video will be up very soon to check on our channel EOTApodcsst.