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Dead Snow 2 Review

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     Dead Snow 2 picks up where the prequel left off, but goes where no man or zombie has gone before. This was an amazingly entertaining movie, which exceeded any and all  expectations. Full of action and gore, Dead Snow touched my bleeding heart, making me laugh until I cried. 


     The story picks up with Martin back in the night in the woods as the lone survivor. Somehow he barely escapes with his life, from the hands of the Nazi zombie army leader Colonel Herzog, which is where the literal twists begin. 


     With the help of the coveted Zombie Squad from the greatest place on Earth, 'Merica, Martin is faced with the task of stopping the growing Nazi zombie army from killing everyone. With a beautiful and genious angle of this thriller, Martin and the Squad form their own army, of Russian POW zombies! This army of Russians have an equal thurst for revenge for Colonel Herzog and his army. The Colonel meets his nemisis on the battle field, and the fight for humanity... or zombanity is destined to be decided.


     Dead Snow 2 revels in unique kills, explosions, and comedy alike. With endless blood and gore throughout, this movie will be a treasure in my collection for years to come. I recommend that you add this to your "Must Own" list as well. 



Reviewed by: Scotty Ballz

Rating: 4.5/5 Beers

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Tusk film Review

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    As a huge fan of Kevin Smith films and podcasts I had already heard the story of the walrus and the carpenter on the show SModcast episode #259. In this episode Kevin and Scott pretty much make up a script on the show and ask the fans to vote. A simple #walrusyes or #walrusno. Well it's simple to say we know the outcome because we are here now talking about the film Tusk. 

     The film has a great cast of Justin Long, Johnny Depp, Michael Parks and Haley Joel Osment. It is set as 2 podcasters Wallace and Teddy that do a show where Wallace goes out and meets people to come back and talk about them with Teddy on the show. As a podcaster I felt this was awesome with all the podcast lingo being thrown around. As Wallace heads to Canada to interview a kid he finds himself interviewing a old man Mr. Howe played by Michael Parks. Wallace is then drugged and slowly turned into a walrus...yes, I said walrus. Mr. Howe wants to recreate his long lost friend that he was stranded on a island with. As things go south with his girlfriend, Teddy and inspector LaPoint played by Johnny Depp track down Mr. Howe and try to save there friend.

     Tusk got a lot of hype followed by lots of haters saying Kevin Smith failed and the film was not very good. I say they are wrong. This was brilliant with the perfect mix of comedy and horror. If you know Kevin Smith there are tons of Easter eggs in it. One thing Kevin does great is dialogue and we had that for sure. It's not a gory film by any means but by the end you are saying to yourself, this is fucked up...do yourself a favor go support this movie in any way you can!! Buy it for yourself, friend or family member!! Way to go Kevin!!!!! The last thing I'll say is #walrusyes

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Raw dog tactical defender pro series holster

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     Raw dog tactical holsters was a company I was suggested to check from a buddy of mine. So after looking into them I soon realized this was a awesome looking kydex holster. But we all know looks can be deceiving. So I contacted them about us reviewing one of the defender pro series for a glock 17. I was pleased they sent us one. 

     Frist impressions: as I opened up the package the blue kydex I picked caught my eye better then it looked in the picture I saw. It is availed in 6 colors as well. The leather backside is a sweet addition also. So very appealing to the eye for sure!

     Fit of the pistol: one thing I've found out with holsters is that sometimes the pistol may not fit 100% perfect and a little adjusting is nesacary. Not with the Raw Dog! This thing fit like a glove with the right mix of tension and ease of pull. Also the holster has tension adjusting screws but I didn't not have to adjust them at all. The belt clip can also be adjusted to change the wear. The pistol is removed from the holster very nicely without a ton of friction that may cuz surface damage to your pistol. So the fit and finish is execptaly good! 

     Carry: i spent a few days carrying the glock 17 in the holster and I've used a few inside waistband holsters before and found they either hurt to wear for long periods or they just gave you a awkward feel inside your pants. But this was by far the first one I've found that actually is very easy to wear and once you get it on you forget it's there. So another huge plus!!

:Sturdy kydex that will not crush under pressure. 
:9-10 oz. quality English bride leather.
:Easy on off design.
:Adjustable degree cant.
:integrated adjustable retention ststem.
:Deep concealment minimizes printing.
:Made in the USA with pride.
:30 day money back garentee. 

     Finial thoughts: I absolutely loved this holster!! Not only is it comfortable it looks great! I've seen holsters go for 3 times the price of these that are horrible. Trust me for $39.95 it's a must have for anyone looking for a kydex holster. Trust me on this one. So go over to www.rawdogtactical.com to check out the 6 diffrent colors to choose from. I wanna thank them for letting us check one out. Keep a eye out for a YouTube video on it very soon. The holster will spotlight on episode 125 of the podcast!

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Surviving the burbs....

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     Here is our shopping mall survival scenario. Each episode we cover hitting one of the stores, and finding useful resources from each one. The setting is 6 months in the Apocalypse, and fall here in the Northeast. Listen to episode 122: Look at the Flowers to see what the eVo boys find in a flower shop!

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The XD Eperience

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Rebel Blades Survival/combat Knife Review

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Dead letters 6

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                  DEAD LETTERS

     Swallowed in darkness, my ears ringing. My vision slow to return and blurred. I can feel the blood rushing to my head, and then I remembered what lead up to my current situation.
     After reaching the National Guard, we found it overrun with the dead. We found an abandoned vehicle outside the gate that was still in decent shape. It was an older model with a camper top, Jared thought it best to barge in backwards to the doors and run inside hoping that the building wasn't fully compromised.
When we got inside there was very little light coming through the windows of the offices into the hallway. "God it smells bad in here!" Jared exclaimed. We flipped on our flashlights and quickly found the armory. There wasn't much left. "Grab what you can, we will sort it out later." I told him. That's when we heard them. "Mauraders!" Jared said after he peeked through the window. "The hoods still warm!" One of the said. "Bet they're still in there." Another replied. There were at least ten of them I counted as they fanned out to look for us. 
     We made a break for the truck hoping we could get by them, we managed to bolt out the door and into the back of the truck just as one spotted us and opened fire. The cab had a sliding back window which made it a little easier to access the cab except that Jared was not a small man doing everything he could to squeeze into the window. I pulled out the shotgun from the cab once Jared was through and returned fire but they weren't close enough to do any real damage. By the time Jared had the truck started they too had loaded up to pursue us. We spun out of the lot to make haste with our escape, but the old truck didn't have the power to lose them. They caught up quick and started to ram the truck all while still shooting. We came up on a curve one too sharp to make at our current speed. Jared tried to slow down but the mauraders rammed our side sending us through the railing and off the side of a steep ravine. Everything went black......