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Surviving the burbs....

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     Here is our shopping mall survival scenario. Each episode we cover hitting one of the stores, and finding useful resources from each one. The setting is 6 months in the Apocalypse, and fall here in the Northeast. Listen to episode 122: Look at the Flowers to see what the eVo boys find in a flower shop!

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The XD Eperience

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Rebel Blades Survival/combat Knife Review

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Dead letters 6

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                  DEAD LETTERS

     Swallowed in darkness, my ears ringing. My vision slow to return and blurred. I can feel the blood rushing to my head, and then I remembered what lead up to my current situation.
     After reaching the National Guard, we found it overrun with the dead. We found an abandoned vehicle outside the gate that was still in decent shape. It was an older model with a camper top, Jared thought it best to barge in backwards to the doors and run inside hoping that the building wasn't fully compromised.
When we got inside there was very little light coming through the windows of the offices into the hallway. "God it smells bad in here!" Jared exclaimed. We flipped on our flashlights and quickly found the armory. There wasn't much left. "Grab what you can, we will sort it out later." I told him. That's when we heard them. "Mauraders!" Jared said after he peeked through the window. "The hoods still warm!" One of the said. "Bet they're still in there." Another replied. There were at least ten of them I counted as they fanned out to look for us. 
     We made a break for the truck hoping we could get by them, we managed to bolt out the door and into the back of the truck just as one spotted us and opened fire. The cab had a sliding back window which made it a little easier to access the cab except that Jared was not a small man doing everything he could to squeeze into the window. I pulled out the shotgun from the cab once Jared was through and returned fire but they weren't close enough to do any real damage. By the time Jared had the truck started they too had loaded up to pursue us. We spun out of the lot to make haste with our escape, but the old truck didn't have the power to lose them. They caught up quick and started to ram the truck all while still shooting. We came up on a curve one too sharp to make at our current speed. Jared tried to slow down but the mauraders rammed our side sending us through the railing and off the side of a steep ravine. Everything went black......

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Kershaw shuffle

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     The Kershaw Shuffle is a small but efficient tool, with its 2-3/8" blade it's perfect for small tasks. It only weighs 2.8oz and takes almost no space in your pocket.

     The steel is a bead blasted 8CR13MOV finish. It's handle is a glass filled nylon with the patent K-Texture grip. It is also multi functioning with its bottle opener and screwdriver lanyard loop on the end.

     The finger grooves make for a comfortable feeling tool in your hand. The jipping is closer to the bottle opener to make the screwdriver end more manageable. The pocket clip is reversible and the blade has a liner lock to keep it closed while carrying.

     Overall this blade is an awesome tool for your everyday carry. And now for the best part, the price. This blade is an affordable, functioning, and great piece for any knife lover! And it can be yours for a whopping $15 bucks!!! Now go out and get yours!!
Written by Bryce Stevens 

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Outdoor edge wild pak

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     Coming from a family of hunters and a hunter myself we all know how important field dressing and processing game can be very hard. Having the right tools for the job is a necessity. Survival bags inc. sent us the Outdoor edge wild pak game processing kit to take a look at. As a kid I learned real fast that it can be messy and rough on the stomach. So having the right tools for the job that are as tough as they come make a diffrence. 

     So first off let's dive into this kit a bit. It's a light weight 8 peice Kit all wrapped up in a nice carrying case. Each knife the caper, skinner, boning/filet, wood and bone saw have its place for any hunter or survivalist. The rib spreader is sweet to have to get the game opened up nice to process the meat. All the tools are made from 420 stainless steel so rust and cleaning is made really easy!! This kit also has a tungsten carbide sharperer. With a 45 degree V angle keeping the edges sharp is simple! 

     Now here is the specs for the kit. 

              Full-tang caping knife
              Gut-hook skinner
              Boning knife
              Tungsten carbide sharpener
              Wood/bone saw
              Ribcage spreader
              Game cleaning gloves
              Hard-side carry case
Total Weight: 2.6 lbs.

     If your a hunter, prepper or survivalist a game kit is a must. Having a good kit is very important! This kit is compact, light, all the blades are super sharp! And the Orange grips make it easy to find and the rubber makes them non slip in your hands. I'm very happy with this kit. In our YouTube video on this kit we will try and proces some game. Least as much as youtube will allow. Mike Haller at survival bags inc. only puts out the best gear. This proves that. At $47.95 it's a great deal. Trust me. For more info go to www.survivalbagsinc.com

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Rat 3 RIT dyed Scales

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