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Dead letters 2

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 Mac, Journal Entry ???


We’re finally in a safe place, after evading some pissed off men and a small pack of zombies.  It always makes my day when the former fucks with the latter.  Most of that was coincidence… most of it.  I’m just damn lucky that way.

Kelly’s asleep from the long run.  She’ll be sore in the morning, but not as sore as she would be if I didn’t rescue her.  Let’s back up a moment…

I ran into a group of six men and two women, mother and daughter.  The group were getting desperate with food, and tensions were high.  I’ve seen it before, too damn many times to count.  Melinda and her daughter Kelly joined the group out of a desperation even worse than the men.  I tagged along for a couple of days to get my fill of chat and trade, and saw a lot of long stares at Kelly.  Well, put two and two together, and you see where this will eventually end up.  Not a happy ending.

Melinda saw this, too.  I think that’s why she switched beds every night, hoping to cull future favors, and to pacify the men from getting bad ideas with Kelly.  Good men, when things are calm, but when TSHTF, that thin veneer of morals and ethics imposed by society dissolves, and we revert back to what we truly are, barbarians.

      Melinda and Kelly begged for every scrap of food, but it doesn’t take a fucking genius to see what’s inevitable.  So, in my usual fucked up style, I kidnapped the child.  Alright, get that perverted shit out of your head.  I’ve been called Sinner and Saint, but I ain’t no child fucker.  We ran about two miles, slapping her in the back of the head or a quick kick to her calves when she slowed.  I put her in a reasonable secured house in the middle of the night after explaining to her she’s safe, then went back to wait for dawn.  As expected, Melinda flipped her shit, and ran off to look for Kelly, exactly what I wanted.  Why try to take a woman from six men, when you can separate them and avoid the danger? Well, I didn’t expect the men to give chase so quickly.  I had barely managed to convince Melinda to come with me when the guys found us.  A quick jump inside an old landscaping  company long since overcome with dust and debris gave us a place to hide.  I’ll have to come back here and look for solar charged sidewalk lights.  Enough of them and I’ll be able to charge up a smartphone.  Why bother?  Music, shitheads.  Maybe even some distraction from the undead wanting to tickle your liver with their tongues.

I dumped a bag of concrete powder on the floor and led Melinda through it.  I circled back from the side and jumped the first guy to arrive.  He was staring down at the tracks and didn’t even expect me.  As he slumped over unconscious, I grabbed his gun and fired off in the distance towards the other guys.  Fucker only had one shitty bullet, but it was enough for them to take cover.  I grabbed Melinda and jumped out an office window and ran, right into a group of seven or eight moaners.  I like moaners, but not exactly these kinds.  Backpedaling, we circled the building, zombies in tow, and ducked around the corner just as the men came out of the building.  If it wasn’t such a sad sight, watching people get bit, I would have congratulated myself on a job well done.  Four managed to flee, and after several minutes, I took out the zombies who were too distracted eating fresh flesh (say that six times quickly…) to worry about a hammer to the back of the skull.  No guns, but I gave a long knife to Melinda, and stripped the bodies of whatever I could find quickly.

     So now we’re a group of three.  I take off with Kelly for a couple hours every day.  She’s a quick learner and is very good with her hands.  Didn’t I tell you to drop that perverted shit?!?  She sets snares with wire and string every evening, and checks them four times a day, once before sunrise and once after, once before sunset and once after.  That’s when most of the animals are awake, nocturnal and diurnal.  It’s a magic time for trapping.  She still won’t give a killing blow to the animals still alive, but we can work on that. I can hear Melinda asking Kelly subtle questions about what we did and whether or not I casually placed my hand on her, hinthint.  I guess I would be paranoid and protective, too, if it was my own daughter.  We fell into a similar unspoken deal Melinda had made previously.  I found her crawling in my bed the next night, but no words were needed.  She had to be useful to the group, or else be left behind.  It’s true to everybody.  Pull your weight or find your own way.  I don’t know how Melinda made it this long.  Her skills are minimal at best, but she’s not stupid.  She finds ways to prove useful, even if it’s only scrounging for supplies or mending clothing.


     Kelly is somebody I can work with, now.  Children are quick studies, especially when you’re hungry.  I don’t know where her father is, but I can guess easily enough.  No need to ask.  Now if I can just keep that young woman’s mouth shut, she might be able to avoid detection by both the living and the undead…

This is Mac, signing off.

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Eberlestock hydration bladder

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     Now when it comes to hydration bladders people seem to think they are all the same. Well up until survivalbagsinc.com sent me a eberlestock 2 liter hydration system to check out I realized how wrong I was. In the past I've used similar ones like camelbak and osprey brands. As they are all great systems what sets the eberlestock apart is the durability of the bladder. It has a couple ways to be su cured in the pack either slid into a slit or hung by a loop very similar to the camelbak. I prefer the loop so the bladder does not tilt or go sideways in a pack. The bladder itself is a BPA free plastic.  

     Filling the bladder is simple as it offers 2 ways. Either the slide off top clip or the Nalgene size screw off cap. Which both the clip and cap have have a string attached so you won't loose them. The top clip also makes cleaning the bladder a breeze! Much easier then other brands where you need additional cleaning tools to get inside the bladder. Now let's look at the tube itself. It's a nice length tube that has a weave insulation around the the tube to keep water cool. The bite valve is a lockable push pull valve which has a dirt guard to keep crud outa your mouth! It also has a small string attached so you can not loose it. 

     A 2 liter 70oz. Bladder will come in handy in any situation, rather it's in a bug out bag or in a bag you use to go hiking. 
Like I said many people think all bladders are the same but I will say I've used cheap ones from Walmart and they have failed. Camelbak puts out a nice one but for a few extra bucks this one comes with all the bells and whistles! Filling and cleaning is a breeze and all the parts attached by the strings makes not loosing parts real nice! So for the same price or a few bucks more go with the eberlestock! Worth every penny and you can pick up one over at survivalbagsinc.com 

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Dead letters 1

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               MAC journal entry???       

     Fucking psychiatrist said I should start a journal.  What the hell does he know?  He’s most likely dead, same as the rest.  Open up, he said.  Share your pain, he said.  That asshole couldn’t find a clue in a body bag.

     Who am I?  Does it matter anymore?  Call me Mac, like MacGyver.  I’m a survivor, and I’ve outlived near 95% of the world, and I’ll likely outlive anybody reading this.  The world is FUBAR, and most of the dead are just creating more dead.  Dead, undead, zombie, ‘artificially living’… No more politically correct words to hide behind.  Hide behind barriers instead, or a gun if you’ve got one.

There’s three things you need to survive now.  First, be a fucking chameleon. Blend in, adapt, and change with the situation.  I learned from day one not to hesitate, not to be squeamish about what I eat or wear, and keep to the shadows.  This is the physical part. Oh, and keep the hell silent!

     Second, conform mentally.  I mean toughen up.  Sleep where you can, safely.  Dumpsters work well if you ignore the smell.  After sleeping in an abandoned car with two dead (re-dead) zombies due to the cold, it won’t bother you anymore.  Forget about taboos, that shit will get you killed faster than my ol’ grandma.  Many cats revert to being feral now that people are dead, but they still approach you looking for handouts.  Easy meals.  Too bad most dogs didn’t survive…. too domesticated, and the one’s that survived travel in packs.  Don’t trust dogs…. Never did, anyway.

Third, forget about the old life.  They didn’t survive, but we will.  Don’t bother trying to rebuild… yet.  Too many undead.   Too many bandits.  Too many murderers looking for a cheap thrill now that the po-po’s are gone.  Things are in flux, chaos, anarchy.  It’s their time, for now.  Bid your time, and live.

     If you’re reading this, and you are (lucky shit), you’ll find all my journals taped to a kitchen faucet.  Why?  Because that’s the first place scavengers go in a new house.  The kitchen, food, water, knives, one shop stop.  But I’ll do you one up, and give you a survival tip if you can stay alive long enough to use it.  Just because I don’t give a fuck doesn’t mean I don’t give a fuck.

     If you’re staying in a new house, sleep in the crawlspace under the house.  First, water pipes can contain a gallon of usable water… maybe.  Break the pipe or use a small hacksaw.  You also hear about water heaters, but unless you wanna filter out the rust, silt, sediment, and lord knows any harmful heavy metals, forget it.  If you wanna live, game on.

      I woke up to hear somebody rooting around upstairs in this very house last night.  Secure down here, I stayed hidden.  I heard him make camp, and fell back to sleep.  Woke up later to screams and a gunshot as another group of men found him.  Shithole must have lit a candle.  Never again…  You can see what happened to him if you look in the bathroom… and the closet… and the bedroom.  I said you can call me Mac, but if you fuck with me, or the innocent, you might as well call me your worst nightmare.  This was my town, and still is.  Don’t bother looking for me or the other dicks, you won’t find us.  Well, maybe me, I’ll be around.  The other two?  There’s not enough pieces left to worry about.  What did they used to say?  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  Sleep in the crawlspace, drink from the pipes, and never use light after dusk.  Maybe you’ll live another day.

     You’ll find more journal entries scattered throughout the town.  I’m a wanderer, so you’ll read these out of order.  Don’t make no fucking difference to me.  Just be warned.  Take what you want, but leave good people alone.  Somewhere, I’m watching, and I’ll find you.  Hope we get along when I do.



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The Dead on Annihilator review!!!

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Armytek Predator V 2.5

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     Ok guys this is my first flashlight review so bare with me. First off I wanna thank Armytek for sending us this light to review. The light we are looking at is the Predator V 2.5 warm tactical flashlight. One thing I noticed right when I picked this light up was the matte black finish which feels extremely durable. So let's dive a bit deeper into this light that got me really interested in the world of tactical flashlights. 


     The black, matte and rubberized anodization is an Armytek trademark. The Predator has also coated stainless steel bezels on both sides. The head bezel is thicker so the head is larger. Reflector is large and deep and houses a xp-g2 r5 led. Anti-roll design works very well, threads have triangular section and they are anodized on tail side allowing the lock out by unscrewing the tailcap a little. 
There is a covered spring on negative side and we find a forward switch with a larger button. Button is more comfortable and less hard than first Predator.
The cigar grip ring is made of rubber and i find it too soft so i removed it. You can mount it on tailcap and the Predator is able to tailstand.
There is a short clip. It's difficult to install because of its hardness.

User interface:

     The UI is the same of Barracuda UI with brightness difference. The switch allows the momentary-on function by a slight button pression. The Barracuda has 4 brightness levels. With the head tightened, you can turn on only at maximum level. With the head unscrewed by 1/8 of a turn, you can use the other 3 levels. With unscrewed head, the light turn on always at high level. You can cicle between levels by turning off and on quickly. The cicle is lower low-low- medium. From off you can press slightly the button, release and press slightly again in order to cicle between levels. It needs a full pression to turn on the light.

The 4 level are well spaced:
Max 670 lm 
High 200 lm 
Medium 70 lm 
Low 6 lm 

It's available the PRO version with a fully programmable UI.

Predator is very bright. It has an outstanding throws but also brightness is pretty good.
Great cool white (5500k) without hints of colours.
Throw monster for its size and this not means lack of spill. More than 30000cd in a 4cm head. It's beyond my expectations

Conclusion and pros and cons:

     Since the first version, Predator was famous for its throw capability. Well, the Predator V2.5 is much better. If you want a lot of throw in relative small size, the new Predator is perfect.                                 

:Since the first versione, Predator was famous for its throw capability. Well, the Predator V2.5 is much better. If you want a lot of throw in relative small size, the new Predator is perfect.

:Strength and build quality
Armytek level is high. The first Predator was already great and now i found a better tailcap and thicker head and body.
Nothing in particular
No strobo in this version. If you want it, you can take the PRO versione with programmable UI.

STEP stabilization has some advantages but you have the max brightness for 25 minutes (i use 2200mah battery so you can have max brightness for more time with different battery)

     If you loved the first Predator xp-g than you will love the new xp-g2 V2.5 which has some improvements and more throw. The real first Predator successor is the PRO version. Strength and build quality level is high. The first Predator was already great and now i found a better tailcap and thicker head and body.
Nothing in particular
No strobo in this version. If you want it, you can take the PRO versione with programmable UI.
-STEP stabilization
STEP stabilization has some advantages but you have the max brightness for 25 minutes (i use 2200mah battery so you can have max brightness for more time with different battery)

If you loved the first Predator xp-g than you will love the new xp-g2 V2.5 which has some improvements and more throw. The real first Predator successor is the PRO version. The price on it is 84.95!


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Head for the Hills!!!!

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     So what if you if you are in a situation where all you can do is grab a bag and head for the hills? So many people are not prepared for the simple days that go from good to bad. You read all the time that a hunter gets lost or a hiker gets hurt and can't get in touch with the world. Well Survival Bags Inc. has came up with a great solution for these bad times. The Head for the Hills bag! It's simple yet perfect for any of these situations and more. For the mier price of $59.95 this bag has all the gear you need to save your life! 

     Let's start with the bag first. Bag—Mossy Oak Silverleaf 1 Daypack (durable water repellant material) It's a strong pack with water pellent material so your gear will stay nice and dry. It measures in at 17x13x7. The features of the bag are a Hunt-Safe whistle sternum snap, bottom and front lashing thread and straps, large divided front storage pocket, two zippered ditty pockets, compression straps and adjustable padded shoulder strap.

     Next let's talk gear. It come with everything you need to Head for the Hills and live! 

•Two (2) 2400 Calorie Food Bar Packets by SOS Food Lab—Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Each packet contains six (6) fortified bars (400 calories each)
•Twelve (12) 4.22 ounces drinking water packets by SOS Food Lab—Made in USA/U.S. Coast Guard Approved

•Fifty (50) feet of Gladding #550 paracord-Black. The cord contains seven (7) removable inner strands for emergency fishing line, sewing thread, trip-wire, and other survival situations. The paracord is made in the USA, is ultra-strong and will not rot. Gladding is one of the suppliers of the U.S. Department of Defense.

First Aid
•One (1) Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid .5 Kit (includes 15 bandages (assorted sizes), 2 packages of 2 dressing gauze (2”x2”); 1 after bite wipe; 6 antiseptic wipes; and 1 mini rescue howler whistle)

•One (1) UST eQ3 LED 21 Lumen Headlamp 
•One (1) Emergency Poncho
•One (1) Emergency Blanket
•One (1) Magnesium Fire Starter
•Three (3) N95 Particulate Respirator Masks individually wrapped
•One (1) Coghlan’s Toilet Paper 
•One (1) Toothpaste and Toothbrush

     So at the end of the day if you are a outdoor person who hunts, bikes, hikes or fish this camo bag is the perfect fit! It has room to add more gear as well as fits tight to your body and you don't even realize it's on your back. Everyone wants to be ready to Head for the Hills when the zombies rise or the government fails. With this bag you will be ready to run! If you are a hunter who needs to replace a old bag, really consider this bag. Survival Bags Inc. puts lots of thought into each bag they offer and this one is no exception! So grab one up and Head for the Hills!!!

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Securing your B.O.B

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      Let’s talk B.O.B.  No, I’m not going to go into what to place inside, or even (much) about the B.O.B. itself.  Those topics have already been covered pretty well, and I’d hate to repeat others who may be better equipped (pun intended) to help you choose wisely.


     In this article, I would like to talk about some methods of securing your B.O.B., while traveling to your destination, and even once your there.  Hopefully, in the event of a full scale disaster, you’ll be able to keep your critical supplies on your back, and not on someone else’s.


 I’m going to make the obvious assumption that you will be better prepared than many other people, and that will make you a bigger target.  Carrying a quality military bag looking brand new might not be your best option, neither is wearing military gear or tactical vests.  If possible, try to apply a little dirt to the pack or cover it with a cheap tarp.  While this may hinder your ability to reach items quickly, the main purpose for your pack is to carry your shit.  Your vest should have the ‘quick to access’gear.  Hide your vest under a nondescript jacket.  Leave yourcamo clothing for forest areas, and try to blend in with the panicked populace.  If you don’t stand out, you’re less likely targeted.  I guarantee you, if somebody wants your gear, they won’t ask for it, nor will they give you a fair chance to defend yourself.  The idea is to blend in.

     Another trick (and advice all rolled into one) is to let every family member carry their own pack.  However, keep theirs lighter, and place your valuable essentials in your own pack.  First, you’re giving thieves a target other than your family’s lives.  They’ll see the packs and grab the most hapless lookingperson’s bag and run, hoping for a quick ‘grab and dash’ (think of women’s purses).  If they can get a quick grab, they’re less likely to try for a prolonged attack.  Why keep the critical gear in your pack? Without your skills and gear, survival drastically decreases for the rest of your group.  That, and you’ll usually be the last person they’ll grab (but the first person to attack, since you’re the greatest threat).


     Carry a black garbage bag in each B.O.B.  If you ever have the need to hide the bag while you explore, dump the pack in the garbage bag and place the bag in a spot people will not look.  Under beds, in closets and the truck of cars are obvious spots.  Consider throwing it near a garbage can or in the corner of the room with a bunch of empty food cans or your ‘waste’ bucket.  Make it a ‘no need to look here’ area.  Like the Purloined Letter, hide it in a visible, easily accessed but ignored spot.

     Finally, once you’ve reached your Bug Out Location (B.O.L.),consider two ideas.  First, your B.O.L. is now your new home, so you’ll need a new B.O.L.  Always have a new backup plan, a place to run to if things gets too hot there.  Second, the best way to hide essential gear in a house is to create a ‘fake’ B.O.B.  Stuff a spare pack with spare blankets, clothing, and some expendable supplies.  If people think they stole your valuables, they will be less likely to continue searching (time will not be on their side).

Above all, remember…. Keep quiet, look unprepared, watch your back, and protect your interests.


_ MonsterJohn